3 Phrases Toxic People Will Use To Undermine Your Confidence

Toxic people want to control everyone around them. And the best way to do this is to undermine their confidence. Here are 3 phrases toxic people will use to make you feel small.

1. You are nothing without me

Toxic people are usually narcissists who see themselves as God’s gift to humanity. They can’t imagine others living and even thriving without them. And they will make everything in their power to convince you that your life will crumble in their absence.

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2. I didn’t say that

This kind of people don’t assume any type of responsibility, not even for their words. If you confront them because of some hurtful or untrue thing they said, they will deny it and they will try to convince you that you misunderstood what they said.

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3. You’re exaggerating

Another response toxic people have to any of your attempts to confront them about their words and behavior is to say that you are overreacting. They will call you too sensitive, crazy, needy or anything else that suggests that the problem is with you, not with them.

Beware of these red flags and stay away from these people! Please, share this!