7 Red Flags That Signal A Toxic Person

Toxic people come in many forms. But they do have some traits in common. Here are 7 signs that can help you identify a toxic person.

1. They don’t ever admit making a mistake

Toxic people don’t care about sound arguments or facts. All they care about is to make you believe that they’re right. And they will try to convince you even when the opposite is obvious.

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2. They don’t listen when others are talking

For these people, the only point of view that is worth something is their own. They are extremely self-involved so they don’t listen when others talk. Unless, of course, somebody says something that can be used against him. Then, they are all ears.

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3. They play the victim

Somehow, these people are under the impression that the world has treated them unfairly. In reality, they project their unfair behavior on others. That’s why they see themselves as victims, not the abusers they really are.

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4. They enjoy gossip

They might seem interested in your private life, but in reality they only gather material for gossip. Moreover, they will use any details you provide them with against you. So be extra careful about what kind of information you share with them.

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5. They lie a lot( and I mean a lot!)

In their opinion, truth is for the fools. They will use lies and exaggeration in order to get what they want. And the lies are usually about how wonderful they are, about their innumerable achievements or about how terrible other people are.

6. They are always angry

Toxic people wallow in negativity, but they seem to be addicted to anger. If there’s nothing to be angry about, they will create an awkward situation, just to have a reason to blow up.

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7. They try to control everybody around them

Because they consider themselves perfect, they feel entitled to tell everyone around them how to live their lives. They don’t respect anybody else enough to trust them to have a good idea or finish a project.

Beware of these behaviors and keep your distance from toxic people! Please, share this!