5 Reasons Men Should Never Tell Women To Calm Down

Why do men feel the need to tell women to calm down? Do they think this is going to solve anything?  Here are some reasons why they should abstain from ever saying this to women.


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1. You wouldn’t say this to a man

Telling a woman to calm down no matter the cause of her anger is sexist.  You probably never heard someone telling a man to calm down. You assume that men have good reasons to be angry, while women are just hysterical.

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2. Women have the right to speak up

When you tell a woman to calm down, you erase her from the conversation. You imply that she doesn’t have a point, that her reasons are not valid.

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3. It’s a sign of contempt

It’s really condescending to say to a woman to relax, as if you knew what’s going on in her mind and you don’t approve. As if she is out of line by saying anything at all.  What you are really saying is that she is not entitled to her feelings.

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5. It never accomplishes anything

Being told to calm down never works. Instead, it almost always creates the opposite effect. Women get even more angry when they are told to calm down, because they feel judged and disrespected.

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5. It’s an attempt to pacify her

When you tell a woman to calm down, what you really saying is that she is like a child, throwing a tantrum. Instead of listening to her reasons, you choose to minimize her worries and her emotions.

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