12 Habits Of Happy Independent Women — How Many Do You Have?

Women have become a lot more self-reliant lately. That’s because we don’t need a knight in shining armor to come along and protect us from the big bad world. We just go into the world and manage to take a really good care of ourselves. Again, because WE CAN.

And this new-attained independence gives us a sense of pride, fulfillment and joy. No longer waiting for Prince Charming to wake us up from the longest sleep (the metaphorical kind too), we take matters into our own hands. And we’re good at it. Here are 12 habits of happy independent women who know how to run themselves. And perhaps the world too (and not just because Beyoncé says so).

1. She loves to travel alone

Traveling by herself feels like it’s everything she ever wanted.

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2. She doesn’t roll with the crowd

Because crowds are boring. She’s interested in having clever conversations with individuals.

3. She’s confident enough to walk away from a bad relationship (or situation)

If something becomes toxic, she won’t put up with it.

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4. She invests her energy in the things that matter to her

That is her passions and career, but also her close friends and family.

5. She’s not looking for a boyfriend, but for an equal partner

But more like, not looking for anyone in particular.

6. She has high standards because she knows her worth

A woman with a high self-esteem will not lower her expectations. So make sure you meet her requirements!

7. She doesn’t have time to deal with nonsense

This one’s obvious: she’s too busy with her goals and plans.

8. She stands by her own convictions

And they’re pretty strong too.

9. She doesn’t look for attention

Craving for some guy’s attention is the last thing she would do. She knows that she doesn’t need an ego boost based on how someone else sees her. The spotlight’s on her anyway.

10. She knows how to please herself

Well, any independent woman should be masterful at the art of pleasing herself. Just because it feels so damn good.

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11. She pays her own bills

That’s because she can take of herself financially. So don’t even try paying for her meal when in a restaurant. It won’t work.

12. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants

A happy independent woman knows where she’s going in life and will always keep it real. Please share this with all your female friends!