3 Signs That Your Partner Is Angry At You That You Might Have Missed

Being in a long term relationship is like being on a roller coaster: you have to take the highs with the lows. One of the lows is having your partner being angry at you, sometimes for no apparent reason. Since everyone expresses anger in different ways, you might miss some important clues.


Here are some signs that your partner is angry and that you’d better investigate the issue further.

1. They call you by your name, not the usual nickname

People use terms of endearing to express their affection and bond in a particular manner. If your partner suddenly calls you by your name and not your usual nickname, they might be trying to tell you something about their mood.

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2. You don’t remember the last time they kissed you for no reason

Cuddling, kissing and other physical expressions of affection are not only ways that lead to sex, but they are important in themselves. The frequency or scarcity of such gestures is a barometer for the general state of the relationship.

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3. They keep their responses suspiciously brief

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When everything goes well within the relationship, conversation is a key element. But if your partner rarely says something other than Yes, No, Maybe, I don’t know something is going on. It’s likely that the reason behind it is that they’re withholding communication as a way to signal anger.

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