5 Subtle Signs You Are Finally Over Your Ex

Breakups are difficult and there’s no shame in admitting it. There’s no telling how much time has to pass until you feel liberated from the past and look at the world with hope. It’s even harder to really know if you are over your last relationship.

But here are 5 clues that you are on the right track:

1. They are not your only subject of conversation

After a breakup, we tend to drive everybody around us crazy, especially if the relationship was a serious one. Our ex and the end of the relationship seem to be the only things we can talk about. If you notice yourself talking less and less about the experience, rejoice! Everybody around you will.

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2. You can be happy for their success

The fact that they moved on with their lives, that they are in a new relationship, they got a new job or succeeded in any way may be hard to handle at first. But if this kind of news does not bother you anymore, if you can be glad that they are doing better means not only that you are a good person, but also that you can see yourself as disentangled from them.

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3. You stopped blaming them for everything that went wrong

OK, they might have been awful to you and crush your heart as if it were a fly. But remember that you played your part as well, since there are always two persons in the relationship. Understanding that you were equally responsible for what happened is not only a healthy way of seeing things, but also a sign that you stopped obsessing about the hurt you’ve been through.

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4. You stopped avoiding your mutual friends

If you can meet your mutual friends and not ask a thousand questions about your ex, if you can go back to discussing other topics and share the things you used to share, that’s great. It means you can see the person in front of you as a friend, not as a source of information.

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5. You can see yourself starting a new relationship

Jumping in a new relationship right after a breakup is not a very good idea. But neither is swearing off relationships forever. It’s normal to feel more cautious, to want to be single for a while, to want to heal before anything else. But if you catch yourself being interested in meeting somebody new, it means you are now ready to try again.

Keep calm and continue to move forward! Being on the right path is empowering! Please share this!