The Way You Sleep Reveals A Great Deal About Your Personality

In what position do you sleep at night? Apparently the way you sleep can reveal a lot about your personality. Researchers have found links between sleep position, character and even the stability of your relationship.

As you can imagine, the survey found that couples who sleep close to each other are happier in their relationship.

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So it’s safe to say that touching plays a vital role in a successful long-term relationship. According to the study, 94% of couples who spend their night in contact with one another are happy, compared to 68% who never touch.

The study conducted by the University of Hertfordshire also revealed what the most popular sleeping positions for couples are: 42% sleep back to back, 31% facing the same direction and only 4% facing each other.

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Moreover, sleeping close to your partner in bed makes you more extroverted.

Other studies found links between the way you sleep and personality.

If you sleep on your left-hand side, you are more creative, concluded the study.

If you sleep in the fetal position, you are a little shy and may have a sensitive heart. 41% of people rest in this position.

People who are outgoing and sociable sleep on either side with arms by their side. 15% opt for this log position.

The yearning position is shared by 13% of people. It’s the same as the log but with arms outstretched. These people can be cynical but have open personalities.

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8% sleep as soldiers do, on their backs with arms by their side. This position is linked to restrained people who like to keep things chill.

7% of people who sleep face down with hands around the pillow were identified as being cranky, extroverted and cocky.

How do your friends sleep? They would want to know about this so please share!