7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Leo

Leos are optimistic people who enjoy taking the lead in almost every situation. Though they like to be in the spotlight a lot, they are also about giving, they are honest and go to bat for their friends and family.

But once you step on their foot, Leos can become very defensive and all of the sudden not so friendly anymore.

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So here’s what to not tell a person born under the sign of Leo:

1. It’s always about you!

Leos crave for attention so it’s better to quickly understand that they put their own interest first and then the others’. They do care about people around them, they only want to come first.

2. Don’t do that!

They are always in control, you should never tell a Leo what to do or how to do it. They are born leaders and know exactly how to handle any given situation.

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3. Stop showing off!

They can get cocky because they are sometime overly confident and like to gather all the praises. Sometimes they can go over the line.

4. I want to share everything with you!

It’s cool, people born under this sign are open to commitment but you have to give them space. If you invade their territory, they most certainly won’t like it. They’re fond of independent and strong people, exactly like them.

5. Spoil me for a bit!

Leos don’t actually know how to react around emotional people. They lose their patience with people who are too whiny.

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6. Sorry, I didn’t see you there!

Telling a Leo you didn’t even notice them is a big slap in the face. They simply hate to be ignored.

7. I forgot to invite you!

Everything has to do with their constant need for attention and if you forgot to invite them to a party, it will take some time until Leo forgives you.

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