6 Signs Of Love At First Sight

Love at first sight does happen in real life, scientists claim. If you’ve ever met someone for the first time and instantly knew that something was up, then this has happened to you as well.

You feel driven to get to know them better and you feel a certain vibe that you can’t really explain. And it goes beyond mere physical attraction. Here are 6 signs you fell in love at first sight:

1. The famous butterflies

Your gut goes crazy when you first see them. You feel anxious and excited at the same time, so probably somewhat confused too.

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2. You want to draw their attention

You would do anything to catch their attention and preferably never lose it. You want their eyes on you and you wish you were already having a conversation.

3. You’re constantly thinking about them

They are all you can think of ever since you first saw them. And you wish to see them again. And again.

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4. You feel nothing could go wrong if you pursue this

You have a very strong positive feeling about the whole thing so you won’t hesitate to ask them out.

5. You want to know everything about them

You want to know their dreams and aspirations, their favorite color, what they do for a living. Every single thing.

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6. You see yourself with them in the future

In a matter of seconds you were able to envision your whole future with them so you know this deserves a chance.

Falling in love at first sight can be absolutely magical! Please share this!