This Is How You Lose A Guy Forever

Modern relationships are really difficult, no one denies that. They’ve become more complex lately because the world seems to be more and more complicated. But what do we do if our own habits and mind patterns chase our loved one away?

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This is a rough list of things you may do that makes you lose a guy. They will walk away from the relationship if you do these 10 things. So consider yourself warned!

1. Don’t respect him

Not showing him any kind of respect will only keep him at a distance. You can show respect with kind words and gestures, even when you’re arguing.

2. Don’t show him how much you like him

Every guy wants to feel loved. They need to know they have that special someone who can give them all the affection they need.

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3. Criticize him

This will definitely make you lose him forever. They usually can’t stand harsh criticism, especially coming from the person they love the most.

4. Tell him how insecure you think he is

This will drive him insane. It’s better if you talk openly about this so that it won’t appear to him as if you’re pointing the finger.

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5. Blame him

Placing the blame on the other all the time is a real turn off, so don’t do it. In a relationship, the blame often belongs to both partners.

6. Don’t trust him

If you’re giving signs of jealousy, then it’s clear: there is no trust between you two. And this will chase him away. What you can do is build confidence, step by step.

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7. Never apologize for your mistakes

This is never okay. We all make mistakes; not apologizing for something you did that upset him or hurt him will make him choose to distance himself.

8. Don’t take responsibility

If you want to keep him, it’s essential that you take responsibility for your actions. After all, it’s what adults do.

9. Don’t take him seriously

Respect his job, his plans and dreams. It’s never easy to try to achieve anything in this life so make sure you take your guy’s dreams into account. Don’t mock them if they truly make him happy.

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10. Don’t forgive him

This is probably the worst. Not being able to forgive him will determine him to look for someone who does.

Don’t lose him over petty things. Remember what’s really important and what brought you two together in the first place. Please share this!