3 Common Relationship Mistakes Most Men Make

We all make mistakes when it comes to relationships. It’s important that we continue to grow as individuals and as partners. It’s even better when we learn from our past mistakes and let them help us better our relationships. When a couple breaks up both partners are usually to blame.

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Everyone can allow life and the people they love to show them how to deal with future relationships. We’re saying that both partners can improve the way they relate to one another and can fix some issues. There are always solutions to some minor problems that your relationship may have. Here are 3 common relationship mistakes most men make:

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1. You are cold or distant.

This often happens in a relationship. Because society teaches men to mostly hide their emotions and vulnerability, they’ve come to associate warmth with weakness. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Showing her how you really feel about her and giving her all of your affection does not make you weak.

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Vulnerable, maybe. But this is how you will be better able to connect with your partner: by giving them your all. Distancing yourself will only make her walk away from you. So be gentle and genuine and you will keep the love of your life forever.

2. You lied to her.

This kind of behavior can seriously affect your relationship, no matter how well you get along in other areas. One single lie can break her trust and mutual trust is absolutely the foundation of any healthy relationship. Being truthful and devoted to her will inspire her to do the same.

3. You took her for granted.

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This is one of the worst things that can be done to someone. When you stop seeing her worth and appreciating her for what she is and does for you, you’ve wrecked your relationship. Remember when you used to try conquer her with compliments and gifts? If you’ve showered her with great things in the beginning and now barely look her in the eyes or say “thank you”, you may want to think this through and start over.

Of course, these mistakes may be applied to women as well. Nobody’s perfect!

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