6 Things That Only People Who Are Too Nice Will Understand

Most of us have been educated to always do the right thing. Even if it’s not pleasant or we don’t feel like doing it. But some have taken this to their hearts so deeply, they feel trapped by their own niceness. And it hurts.

If you are this kind of person you might recognize these kind of problems:

1. You have a hard time saying no.

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Whether is about accepting to go out when you don’t feel like socializing or taking care of your friend’s cat while they’re in vacation, you cannot refuse. You are afraid of appearing selfish and unhelpful. You do like helping others, but sometimes you wish you could put yourself first for a change.

2. You avoid conflict at any cost

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If something bothers you, it has to bother you a lot for you to speak up. It’s not cowardice, it’s just your need for harmony and peace. You value these so much that most of the time you prefer not to say anything. You hope that the offense wouldn’t repeat itself and you won’t have to confront those people who mistreat you.

3. You are the one who everyone complains to

Because you have a very empathetic nature, everybody turns to you for advice, help or just complaining about their lives. You have listened so much that now it’s impossible for you to confess that you are not always in the mood of being everybody’s emotional waste basket. You are expected to drop whatever it is that you’re doing in order to encourage, help or listen to others.

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4. You feel that you are not entitled to your anger

Probably because you have been around angry people during your childhood, expressing your anger is a taboo. When you are offended, you prefer to keep it to yourself. Or just retreat. You are the calm one and this makes you feel like expressing your anger will disappoint others.
5. You easily accept any apologies<

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Even in those rare occasions when you do express your negative feelings about how others are treating you, it only takes an uncommitted sorry to make you forgive and forget. You don’t keep a record of other people’s mistake, since you feel that this will only be a burden. Moreover, you really try to see things from their perspective, an understanding that you summon every time you feel that others are unfair to you.

6. You often feel being taken for granted

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Because of all the above, you feel that you are there only to be taken advantage of. That nobody really understands the emotional work that you do when you listen, advice, help. That your patience and tolerance was not given to you in a limitless supply. That you too need to be asked about your feelings and fears, be reassured and feel appreciated.

If you are this type of person, you probably cry yourself to sleep way too often. You promise yourself that tomorrow will be the day you will make others appreciate you and respect you more. Let it be today! Please share this!