5 Reasons Why Empaths Have A Hard Time Being In A Relationship

Empathy is wonderful when you are at the receiving end of it. But for the people who cannot help but feeling every emotion that those around feel, life can be more complicated. That’s one of the reasons why empaths have a hard time being into a serious relationship.


1. Their partner’s problems quickly become their problems

With their great inclination towards listening, helping and supporting others, empaths cannot delimitate themselves with ease from their partner’s problems. That’s why they become their partner’s savior, which creates an unbalanced relation.

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2. They are everyone’s go-to person

An empath is often emotionally exhausted because they are there for everybody. This leaves them little time to spend with their significant other and to actually enjoy their moments together.

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3. They feel misunderstood

Because they sense things others ignore, because they are so attuned to their surroundings and are always trying to see things from new perspectives, empaths often feel isolated from the rest of the world. They have a hard time explaining their point of view and therefore they feel like nobody really makes an effort to understand them.

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4. They guard their feelings

Because the only kind of interactions that they are interested in are those which are deep and meaningful, empaths take a long time to reveal their feelings. They know that their abundance of emotions can be too much for others, so they keep them for themselves.

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5. They need to spend a lot of time alone

Because of all the emotional work they do, they often need time by themselves. Unfortunately, this is interpreted by some people as a rejection, which is not. All they need is to replenish their energy, but many partners don’t understand this.

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