5 Manipulative Tactics In Sexual Harassment

These days everybody talks about sexual harassment, due to the accusations brought forth by women against a Hollywood mogul. But the story is as old as time. What are the manipulative tactics used to get victims to comply?


1. Isolation and intimidation

The first thing sexual predators do is to find a way to get the woman alone. They find a reason to justify their being alone and then they physically intimidate her or corner her.

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2. Normalizing the behavior

Predators try to make their behavior appear normal and to convince the woman that she is overreacting. They suggest that nothing out of the ordinary is happening and the woman is starting to question her own perception.

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3. Shifting the blame

Manipulators in general and sexual predators in particular use guilt to silence the women they abuse. They suggest to women that they owe them some kind of sexual favors, because they gave them a job or help them in any way.

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4. Not accepting NO as an answer

Because women are taught that they should care about what others think and not to create any kind of conflict, sexual predators use persistence to wear them down. And then they use the moment of hesitation and confusion to make their move.

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5. Threatening the victim

Because for women reputation is more important than for men, sexual predators use this in their favor. They threaten their victims that they will use their power to bring about serious negative consequences if the victims refuse them or tell anybody about the incident.

Any unwanted sexual behavior is unacceptable and should be severely punished. It’s a symptom of the power imbalance women still face today. Speak up whenever you witness this kind of behavior and support the ones that went through such a terrible experience. Please, share this!