3 Signs Your Romantic Moves Are Crossing The Line

If there’s something we all know about women is that they don’t like to be pressured. Or smothered. They want to make decisions on their own, without the feeling of being controlled or forced into doing something. Sometimes, men do cross the line with their romantic moves and women are not at all content when that happens.

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Do you happen to know what microaggressions are? They are tiny gestures that can give a woman headaches. This is a behavior that passes off as romantic but in fact is no more than creepy behavior. We all can tell the difference between sexual harassment, physical assault or catcalling but this elusive kind of behavior is so innocent at first glance, it can easily be overlooked. It makes women feel like they are being stalked and cornered.

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Microaggressions and emotional blackmail are really typical for ‘nice guys’. Find out below what you’re doing wrong:

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1. You shower her with gifts even if you barely know her

Yes, it’s sweet to receive awesome presents from your significant other but not be showered with gifts from someone you barely know. It’s not ok to send gifts to a woman you spoke to a couple of times before or to the front desk lady you have small talk with in the morning. You put her on the spot and she will feel emotionally indebted to you. You only put her in a difficult position, she will find it hard to turn you down since you choose to spend so much money on her. So make sure she’s ok with you sending her gifts and open to the idea of going out with you.

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2. You find her on Facebook and start sending her messages

It’s really not ok to add her on Facebook so that you can start sending her messages. Facebook is a space where people who know each other communicate, it’s not a dating app. Even if you’re really cordial and lovely when writing to her, she will still think you’re no more than a stalker. You only impose on her and nobody wants admiration from strangers.

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3. You get upset when she rejects you

A man and a woman can have a relationship that is not a sexual one. A woman can choose to spend time with you even if she is not romantically interested in you. If you get upset and begin rambling about how she led you on and how she was just using you, you’ll get nowhere. If a woman gives you some attention, it doesn’t mean that she’s obligated to have a romantic relationship with you. They are human beings who enjoy socializing as much as you do.

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