How To Turn Down A Date Without Hurting Their Feelings

There are plenty of reasons you would turn down a date. You are not ready to get involved in a relationship, you want to focus on your career or he’s really sweet but you don’t feel that chemistry. If you were wondering how to reject a guy and not hurt his feelings, you’ve come to the right place.

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Who hasn’t experienced the pain in the neck of turning down somebody? When they’re really nice but you just don’t find them physically attractive. It happens to a lot of us and we often make the mistakes of sugarcoating them instead of simply rejecting them.

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So here are 3 simple lines to turn down guys without hurting their feelings:

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1. ‘No’

Many girls string guys along because they’re simply not being blunt. Just say ‘no’ when you don’t want to date him. This is the easiest answer you can give and no one will judge you for it. It can be hard to be that direct but it’s the best thing to do. It’s not confusing and you can’t be blamed for complicating things. Seriously, guys will appreciate your honesty.

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2. ‘I’m not that into you’

Unlike women, men don’t think this line is hurtful. It’s also saying ‘no’, but without being that straightforward. So if you think it’s cold to tell him point-blank, try something like ‘You’re really great but I’m not into you in that way’.

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3. ‘Sorry, I have a boyfriend’

So, even if it hurts, guys do prefer the direct approach rather than to be strung along. It’s not cool to begin fabricating stories about the reasons you don’t want to go out with him. It’s not fair to him or to you. But if you can’t find your words around him or you know he’ll be brought down by your harsh words, try saying ‘I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend’ or ‘I have just decided to be exclusive with someone’. But make sure he’s not able to find out the truth because that would be just playing cruel.

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