3 Fascinating Fun Facts About Sleep

How much do you like sleeping? Personally, I love sleeping in because I dream a lot and never want to wake up, it’s like my second life. But even if it’s my favorite activity, I don’t know that many things about it.

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Here are some fascinating fun facts about sleep:

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Why are bad dreams called ‘nightmares’?

Apparently, this word has sexual origins. In Old English, “maere” refers to an evil spirit who was said to enter the room in the middle of the night and swoop upon who’s lying in bed, often engaging in sexual activities while doing so. Somewhere along the way, we forgot about the demon and the meaning switched to the feeling of sultry terror.

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Turn to Saints if you fear oversleeping!

If you enjoy sleeping so much that you risk not waking up in the morning, you should call on a saint. Saint Vitus is considered to help you get up when invoking his name. He was thrown into a pot of boiling oil with a rooster and quickly synchronized with its crowing. In historical images, he is sometimes illustrated with a chicken. So if you want to rise early, be sure you call Saint Vitus.

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Where does the expression ‘sleep tight’ come from?

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Ever wondered why we’re using this expression instead of ‘sleep well’? No, it does not refer to keeping your eyes tightly shut. Some think it comes from the ropes used to support feather beds in the 19th century. Others claim that it was cemented by the Beatles song ‘Good Night’ from 1968 while some just think it’s another way of saying ‘sleep well’.

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