7 Signs Your Relationship Is Really Over

It’s hard to accept when a relationship is over, hard to admit that you’re at the end of yet another failed relationship. Sometimes you just can’t believe it’s over, you hang on to every other thing, hoping there might still be a chance to get back together. But there are times when a break up is for the best and you know the relationship is really over.

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If you’re still having doubts though, here are 7 signs your relationship is clearly over:

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1. When you feel relieved that you don’t have to talk anymore and feel more peaceful inside since the break up.

2. If you started to go out on dates. Nothing casual, but it sure looks like you’re done for good and moved on.

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3. Having zero communication is another sign of a relationship long gone down the drain. When you can’t find an interesting topic to discuss and you’re not even willing to make an effort, that’s when you know it’s over.

4. You moved out for good, gotten your own place and your stuff back. There are no other things that keep you close to them.

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5. Everything that they do annoys and irritates you, from the way they eat their sandwich to their laughing that now drives you crazy.

6. Jealousy is not a feeling that torments you any more, imagining them with someone else doesn’t give you goose bumps.

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7. You have no recollection of their actions. You have totally disconnected and really have no idea what they’re doing these days.

Now that you know your relationship is doomed, take some time to learn from your mistakes and embrace the single life, it has a lot of benefits you don’t even know about!