5 Things That Seem Romantic But Are Actually Unhealthy

Sometimes we are so blinded by our feelings that we misjudge toxic behavior as being romantic. That’s why we must pay attention to those behaviors that can make us miserable in the end. Here are some red flags that you shouldn’t ignore.


1. Your partner is often jealous

If your partner is suspicious, doesn’t trust you and interprets every interaction that you have as a threat, then your relationship may be in trouble. You shouldn’t tolerate any snooping around, attempts to control you in any way or unwarranted accusations. Instead, initiate a dialogue with your partner and explain them how this type of behavior is harming you and the relationship.

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2. You are attached at the hip

Of course that being in a relationship with someone you really like or even love means that you want to spend a lot of time together. But how much time is too much time? There’s no standard amount of time, but the idea is that both of you need to have time for yourselves. Giving each other space to pursuit any activity that gives you pleasure is healthy.

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3. Your partner tells you what you wear

It’s one thing to wear something special in order to pleasantly surprise your partner, and it’s a whole other thing to have them pick up your outfits. Micromanaging the way you look is actually an attempt to control you and this is only the beginning. Limit this kind of behavior before it gets out of hand.

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4. Your partner pops up wherever you are

OK, this may be romantic at the beginning, but if your partner shows unexpectedly at your work or in the bar where you hang out with your friends, this may indicate a serious trust issue. You should make clear your need for boundaries and that you need your friends as much as you need your partner.

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5. Your partner doesn’t take no for an answer

It may start with them joking about moving in together, without you two ever discussing it. But soon, this kind of behavior may result in you not having anything to say about the important decisions of your life together.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, nip this kind of behavior in the bud! Please, share this!