7 Negative Things That Can Undermine Your Relationship

A relationship is a fragile cosmos that needs more than love to survive. It needs constant attention to the things that we do. And that’s because we tend to harm our relationship without even realizing it. Here are 7 things that can ruin your relationship.


1. You expect too much from your partner

Even the greatest of partners cannot fulfill all your needs. It’s one thing to get support from your partner and it’s a whole other thing to become dependent on them. It’s your own responsibility to have a fulfilling life.

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2. You cannot handle your partner’s success

If your partner is jealous of your success, if they cannot celebrate it properly and cannot be proud of you, this is not a good sign. Being competitive has no place in a healthy relationship.

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3. You hide things from one another

No matter the reason, when you keep secrets, you create distance and suspicion. There shouldn’t be anything that you couldn’t disclose to your partner. Trust is an essential part of a good relationship.

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4. You don’t talk about your sexual life

Being able to confess to your partner your deepest desires, the things that you enjoy and the ones that are not working for you strengthens the bond between partners and creates long term satisfaction.

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5. You don’t appreciate your partner’s qualities enough

If are too annoyed at your partner’s flaws to appreciate their qualities, your negative emotions will overwhelm you. Notice the good things that your partner does and express your appreciation and respect for their qualities any time you can!

6. You have imaginary fights

Instead of expressing your concerns and disagreements out loud, you play them in your head. People do this usually because they want to avoid conflict. So you imagine the worst response from your partner, which creates resentment without solving anything.

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7. You take your relationship for granted

It’s easy to get caught in the vortex of life and forget the blessing that is your relationship. Don’t’ forget to let your partner know that they are appreciated, that you notice the little things that they do for you.

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