Beware Of These 5 Signs Of Manipulative Behavior

Manipulative behavior is not always as obvious as one might hope. That’s why sometimes is hard to protect ourselves from it. Here are 5 tactics manipulative people use on a regular basis.

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1. They don’t say anything without intent

No matter what a manipulative person says, you can bet they are after something.  It may seem like they’re paying you an innocent compliment, but in reality that’s their way to make sure that you are going to let your guard down. And then it’s when they will hit: they want something from you.

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2. They want to know everything about you

You may feel flattered about their interest in you, but what they are really after is information. And they will use that information when the time is right for them. Even the simplest questions they might ask you are only a step towards controlling you.

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3. Their actions don’t match their words

One of the most common traits of a manipulative person is lacking any sense of responsibility. They will say no matter what to make you do whatever they need you to do, make promises and create false expectations. And that’s because they never intend to follow through with real actions.

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4. They never respect your boundaries

Maybe you’ve notice that something is off and you want to keep your distance. They won’t accept that. They will call a thousand times, message you or drop by to your office. Manipulative people are often narcissists who cannot stand somebody not liking them, so they will do everything in their power to make you accept them back into your life.

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5. They never apologize

This type of people are masters at shifting the blame. Nothing that goes wrong is ever their fault. That’s why, even if you catch them lying or do something immoral, they will invent excuses and justifications, but never apologize.

If there’s a person in your life who uses these tactics on a regular basis, keep your distance from them! Please, share this!