Why You Can Never Trust a Narcissist

There are certain personality traits which don’t require a degree in psychology for you to spot them. So before you get involved with someone, it’s essential that you notice some things about them first. If you know what kind of people you need to stay away from, then you’re more likely to end up with the right one for you. Right?

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So how can you tell the guy you just met and have a crush on can be trusted? You just have to know if they’re good for you so you can proceed. While there’s no clear recipe or foolproof methods to diagnose people around you, there are some signs you can look for.

Make sure you pay attention to these before it’s too late to back down.

1. They’re always putting others down

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A narcissist has no regard for other people’s feelings and emotions. Because they have impeccable standards and the highest expectations, they are impossible to please. So when they’re not happy with something someone did, they will make sure the other one knows it. Worst part is they will disapprove of you no matter what you do.

2. They’re never content so they always complain

Complaining is their favorite thing in the world. They would complain and gossip about everything all day long. No wonder they are among the most toxic people in the world.

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3. They usually speak faster, more and make more eye contact

They usually stare deeply in your eyes when they talk; no wonder many people fall under their spell. Their gaze is really intense and you will feel pulled like by a magnet. Also, they speak faster than regular people. Of course, we can’t categorize someone based solely on this trait. There are many people out there who just talk faster. Just make sure you grasp a pattern.

4. They have a sense of entitlement that’s extreme

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Narcissists have a sense of entitlement way above average. That’s why they constantly ask favors without reciprocating. They just think they’re special so it’s only normal for them to have access to all the privileges in the world. A narcissist will always think everything has to gravitate around them, or else there is something wrong with the world. They also think rules are for other people.

5. They often don’t speak the truth and never apologize

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Because they find themselves superior to everyone else, they will never apologize or accept having made a mistake. How could they if they’re perfect? Moreover, their truth is not everybody else’s truth. Yes, they’re massive liars.

This is why you should never ever trust them! Please share this to warn your friends and family!