10 Signs You Are Becoming A Better Version of Yourself

Whenever you go through a transformation, at first you feel uncomfortable. It’s like shedding your old skin. But in time, you come to realize that the things that you are doing are actually leading you to a better version of yourself. Here are 10 signs that this is happening now.


1. You are looking for the real causes of your problems.

You are no longer satisfied with temporary solutions and therefore you make an effort to really change what needs changing.

2. You apologize for your mistakes.

You no longer feign perfection and when you do something wrong you are quick to admit and ask forgiveness.

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3. When you listen, you really do.

You are genuinely interested in what others have to say and you don’t fake attention.

4. You are able to identify a toxic person.

You don’t allow people with toxic behavior to ruin your self-esteem and if they don’t change their ways, you cut them out of your life.

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5. You are always truthful to yourself and others

You respect yourself too much to lie to yourself, no matter the issue. And you’ve started to adopt the same sincerity with your friends and family.

6. You don’t engage in gossip

Because you know it’s an immoral and an useless pursuit, you stay away from gossip. Also, you don’t encourage it in others.

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7. You’ve learned to stand up for yourself

When somebody is mistreating you, you directly and honestly address the issue, without resorting to passive-aggressiveness.

8. You know when to ask for help

You are aware that you cannot do everything alone, so you ask for help when you feel overwhelmed by a certain situation.

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9. You fight for what you want

You don’t feel entitled to anything, but when you truly want something, you put in the time and effort to obtain it.

10. You choose the people around you carefully

When it comes to friends and romantic relationships, you’ve become very selective. You only accept in your life those who are sincere, respectful and help you grow and develop.

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