If You Have These 7 Traits You Are A Person Of Integrity

Having integrity means being keen on honesty and having strong moral principles. It means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. Here is what people of integrity do on a regular basis.

1. They respect other people’s time

Not only they are never late, but people of integrity also don’t waste other people’ time with meaningless activities.

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2. They acknowledge when somebody does something well

When they notice somebody doing a great job they will be the first to praise them and to make sure they feel appreciated. Also, they don’t take credit for other people’s accomplishments.

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3. They tell the truth no matter what

People of integrity will not resort to lies to get ahead or to avoid an uncomfortable situation. They tell the truth and accept the consequences.

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4. They don’t exploit others

Because they believe in justice, they will never do anything that could harm others. They don’t manipulate and won’t make others do things with which they are not comfortable.

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5. They see the best in everyone

These people are not suspicious and they give everybody the benefit of the doubt. They don’t get defensive and don’t blame others when things go wrong.

6. They know how to apologize

They treat everybody fairly, but if it happens to make a mistake or mistreat somebody, they will quickly apologize.

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7. They are generous

They are aware that for some life has been more difficult. So they help others whenever they can. And if they cannot, they will at least be kind and try to lift their spirits.

But most of all, they are modest people, who don’t like to toot their own horn. That’s why their merits often go unrecognized. Please, share this!