This Emotion Can Really Change People’s Behavior

New study seems to indicate that there’s one emotion that actually does change people’s behavior. The recent research in the fields only confirms what scientists and psychologists have known all along.

Apparently, it is fear that can significantly alter our behavior. The study also suggests that it is women who are more susceptible to this kind of change.

Fear is a very intense emotion that can really affect people’s lives.

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Of course, some people are more fearful than others. But it’s true that it can impact our performance, our mood, and even our relationships.

Most importantly, fear can sometimes rule our lives, especially if we are subconsciously afraid of something.

Fear is often used in advertising or certain policies for the reason that it can shift the way people think or even act. For example, advertisers sometimes employ fear to sell products better and faster.

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And this is how it works: a fear is created in our minds, and the idea is that the certain product would alleviate this uncomfortable feeling.

Moreover, how do you think people sell insurance? They use fear of injury or death and calamity and it works.

Professor Dolores Albarracin tells us that appealing to fear can be effective when it comes to changing attitudes or behavior.

There are certain cases when fear is more effective:

When the message that is being sent depicts a high amount of fear and when the concerns that are addressed are more severe.

Appealing to fear is also more effective when they recommend a one-time only behavior.

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Before this study, some people thought that fear appeals could have a negative impact and some undesirable effects. But again, Professor Dolores explains that this is not the case.

There’s no surprise that fear is one of the emotions that can lead our lives if we don’t pay attention.

So what are you most afraid of? We want to know about your greatest fear!