Why You Crave Bad Food When You’re Tired

Do you struggle with cutting out junk food? Most us have a hard time with trying to quit some eating habits. The scenario where we eat biscuits and chocolate at work even before lunchtime is all too familiar for us.

But why do we do that? What makes us reach for that cookie before drooling all over our desk? Especially when we’re having a rough day or when we’re too stressed out or nervous about something. The results of this study are quite fascinating. Here’s why you crave bad food when you’re tired!

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Apparently, there is a strong connection between sleep deprivation and food cravings.

A study conducted at the Northwestern University of Chicago decided to look closer at the effects of sleep deprivation upon high-caloric food consumption and the results are stunning.

The tests consisted of analyzing participants’ reaction to smell of food with higher calories after they’ve slept for 8 hours, respectively 4 hours per night. Guess what happened? People were asked to smell crisps and cinnamon rolls, as well as non-foods and then rate the intensity and pleasantness of the smells.

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Researchers discovered that the people who were sleep-deprived had more enhanced brain activity regarding food smells than those who had a good night’s sleep. This supports the long-held belief that you crave foods depending on how much and how well you sleep. Sleep deprivation has also been associated with excessive eating and weight gain.

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So all you need to do to stop craving sweets at work is add an extra hour or two to your sleeping schedule. You’ll not only be able to fight eating bad foods, but also feel more refreshed. Studies suggest that around 8 hours of sleep per night is enough. But it’s also a matter of individual needs so that some of us need 7 while other 9 or 10. As long as you feel refreshed in the morning, your sleeping habits are fine.

How many hours of sleep do you get per night? Don’t forget to keep track of your cravings!