The Secret To Avoiding Drama In Your Life

We’re the sole creators of our happiness. We alone hold the secret to avoiding drama in our lives but sometimes it’s difficult to bring it to light because, after all, we’re only humans. And whenever we say we’ll stay ten feet away from the negative, we happen to break our promise and fall once again into the drama trap. Things get easier if we just become more tolerant, calm and cool inside. So what’s the secret to avoiding drama in your life?

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To stop taking things so personally, that’s the best weapon against drama. Free yourself from negative emotions by thinking more freely and not taking things to heart that much. When we choose to do this instead of living the drama, we will be much happier. Not everything has to be so serious or profound. If we don’t at least try to get rid of the drama that’s haunting us, we’ll be stuck in a somewhat negative bubble, that will get bigger and bigger each day.

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In order to banish drama from our lives forever, we must abandon the need to be right all the time. You really don’t have to go to the bitter end with your opinions, you have to accept that there are others who simply don’t share your way of thinking. Of course, there are people who just don’t know when to stop. Let them go, what’s the point in surrounding yourself with fellows who just can’t keep their mouth shut and bring so much negativity into your life? Each and every one of us has a point of view on a topic, so if we have different ones, why is there so much friction between us?

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This is the secret to avoiding drama in your life. To be able to accept other opinions and to dismiss people who don’t know when to stop pumping venom into your life. You must let no one slow you down. As long as you stay true to yourself and what you believe in, you’ll be miles away from any type of drama.

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