This Is What The AQUARIUS In Your Life Needs You To Know

Known for their need of independence, people born in Aquarius are hard to domesticate. Possibly because of their need, or even urge for freedom and individuality. They are definitely the genius of the entire horoscope. So it won’t be easy to impress them. But, once you achieve that, you can melt their heart. Here is everything the Aquarius in your life needs you to know.

The TRUTH Behind This Sign

People born under the sign of Aquarius are the childlike dreamers who just want to enjoy every moment and every story. If you’re lucky enough to have an Aquarius by your side don’t forget they like to be stimulated intellectually. In relationships, Aquarians greatly appreciate honesty and openness. They are very straightforward themselves and they cannot hide their feelings. Read the truth about the sign of Aquarius here.


Is your loved one an Aquarius? It seems like for them love means more than just simple romantic gestures and fluffy bears, roses or chocolate. Love is meeting minds at a higher level and deeper connections. People born in Aquarius are the visionary type and they like to expand themselves through you. These are the things you must know if you’re in love with an Aquarius. 

The Aquarius wants to know the true you, he can see past the superficial. He’s more interested in your brain than your appearance. They enjoy all forms of artistic expressions and will love to share any of these moments with you. If you were wondering how to win the heart of an Aquarius, here are some suggestions.

But how do you know you’ve won their hearts completely? Aquarians find it hard to express their feelings. They don’t really open up and when they do, it’s for someone truly important they can imagine themselves growing old with. Here are 4 ways they show affection.

But be careful if you swear your love to him because there’s nothing more an Aquarius hates than dishonesty. This sign loathes lies and cheating, can be very stubborn and dislikes being told what to do. Read about more things an Aquarius really doesn’t want to hear.

AQUARIUS Horoscope for 2017

This year is all about change for the better. You’ll have a great year with high chances to meet your soulmate or at least one of them. You have the desire to do what’s right this year. Check out your horoscope for 2017 here. 

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