7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To An Aquarius

Those who are born under this sign are sensitive people who greatly appreciate honesty and sincerity. They find it difficult to hide their emotions and demand the truth and nothing but the truth from others. This sign loathes lies and cheating, can be very stubborn and dislikes being told what to do.

Let’s take a look at 7 things an Aquarius never ever wants to hear:

1. Did you get it?

They take pride in their intellect and feel offended if you question their judgment.

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2. Tone down your opinions!

They are really sharp people who like to engage in intense conversations so do not tell them to limit their opinions, they want to be free and think freely.

3. Don’t go into your shell!

They shut off  at times but soon will reach out to you. It’s best to give them some space until they do.

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4. You don’t know everything!

They think they know everything, it’s a natural trait of theirs. Their thirst for knowledge is unparalleled.

5. Sorry I lied!

Aquarians hate being lied to or cheated on and don’t like when people draw away from truth.

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6. I’m not into traveling!

They are explorers who want to see the whole world. If you tell them this, they will lose interest in you faster than you can imagine.

7. You’re selfish!

It doesn’t mean they don’t want to spend time with you; they only value some alone time and don’t want to give up their self for a relationship.

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