What Does Your Eye Color Say About You? A Lot, According To Recent Studies

The very cliche expression “eyes are the window to our souls” is now backed up by science. Our eyebrows or how long our fingernails are maybe don’t exactly tell us who we are. But it’s different when it comes to the color of our eyes, or even the shape.

A study developed in Sweden tested more than 400 people to see if there’s really any link between their eyes and their personalities. The answer is YES. And that’s because the eye is so linked to our brains that it holds vital clues to our brain function.

So what does it mean if you have this eye color? Check out the fascinating results below!

Dark brown/black eyes

Some people have such dark brown eyes that it almost looks black, only it isn’t. These individuals are perceived as being mysterious and even secretive. A study also found people with darker eyes are seen as more agreeable.

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Moreover, people with black eyes are quite rare. These are your natural born leaders.

Blue eyes

People with this color are often perceived as rather shy or unassertive. The truth is you have both inner and physical strength. Although others may see you in a more negative light before getting to know you, you know your worth. Sometimes you choose to be more cautious or inquisitive.

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Also, women with light-colored eyes tolerate the pain of childbirth better than those with darker eyes.

Grey eyes

This color is very rare but it’s considered a shade of blue. If your eyes are darker grey, then you are a very well-balanced person. In that sense, you can be a different person depending on whose needs have to be met.

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If you have a lighter grey color, you usually keep your defenses up. But although it takes a while for you to let people in, you care deeply about those who managed to reach you.

Hazel eyes

People with hazel eyes are pretty unique. They tend to be spontaneous, confident and trustworthy. They have a balanced personality and generally an independent spirit. However, sometimes they’re hard to read so they will appear more mysterious.

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Brown eyes

As we’ve seen previously, people who have brown eyes tend to be more assertive, agreeable and brim over with confidence. A study found that people with this eye color are also more loyal and gentle individuals, but surely not submissive.

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Green eyes

If you have green eyes, consider yourself lucky. And pretty special.

Apparently, people with this eye color are rare. Why are you lucky? Because people see you as a sexy, mysterious and alluring individual who knows what they want.

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Several studies say that green-eyed people are more creative and original with a balance between being agreeable and dominant.

Most participants of a study said that if they were to change their eye color, green would be their first choice.

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