Why Are People With AB Blood Type Unique?

Japanese tradition and science tell us that your blood type can reveal many interesting things about your personality as well as your health. There are four types of blood A, B, AB and 0 plus their negative and positive trait. In the 1930s, a Japanese professor was the first one who claimed that our blood type can reflect some personality features we have. In Japanese culture, there are even blood type horoscopes! The rarest blood type is AB with about 3.4% people with AB and 0.6% with AB negative. If you found out your blood type is AB, then you may consider yourself pretty special. So why are people with AB blood type unique? Read on to find out more!

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People With AB Blood Type Are Universal Recipients

Science tells us that people with AB blood inherit an A gene from one parent and a B gene from the other parent. The fact that this possibility is very rare offers one huge advantage: people with AB positive can receive any blood type which is why they are known as “universal recipients”. So if you have AB blood, consider yourself lucky too!

They Can Be Great at Multitasking

Moreover, there are other reasons why we should envy people with AB blood type. Apparently, they are also great at multitasking and can finish whatever they’re working on quickly. Some say these people may act differently depending on the situation or person they’re with. This doesn’t mean they’re not being honest or themselves. They’re just versatile like that.

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They Are Sensitive and Innocent

People with AB blood can also be rather shy and innocent, at least at first before they get to know a person better. Once they start getting used to being around someone, they’re like an open book. Additionally, if you have AB blood type, chances are you are also a sensitive, emotional person who cares deeply about certain issues.

When it comes to love, these people are quite idealistic. Someone who can raise up to their high standards will make a great partner for them. They also love to be treated with care and warmth.

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All in all, people with AB blood type are very special and we love to have them around! Share this with someone you know who has AB and tell them how rare they are!