4 Red Flags You Might Be A Control Freak

You may be a control freak and don’t even know it. We control things subconsciously and feel disappointed when things don’t turn out the way we wanted. We all feel the need to control some areas in our life, but there are some people who go out of their way to make things happen exactly like they desire. But the feeling of losing control causes a great deal of frustration, anxiety and even depression.

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According to psychology, the term ‘control freak’ describes a person who is anxious about things that seem out of control or ‘messy’. They are obsessed with finding ways to control their environment.

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Take a look at these four red flags you might be a control freak:

1. You take matters into your own hands

You are afraid to let other people handle things that concern you because you’re sure you can do better than them. So you always take matters into your own hands and ensure everything is done perfectly. You’re certain that other people won’t put the same thought and energy into things like you do. Thus, you prefer to do it yourself.

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2. You are always right

If you think you are always right, despite what other people say, then you are most definitely a control freak. You want to deliver constructive criticism, but all that you do is highlighting what other people do wrong and how they should have done things in the first place. You live under the impression that you’re right all the time.

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3. You have to know everything in detail

You become really frustrated if not given details about upcoming events. Without knowing all the data you simply cannot function. Not being able to prepare beforehand is eating you up inside.

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4. You must have the last word

When someone does not meet your expectations, you charge them by emphasizing what they say wrong and thus you create some big arguments. You must express your opinions on everything and have the last word every time.

You cannot control every aspect of your life, you risk living a really stressful life and it’s not worth it. Please spread the word!