5 Ways To Respond To Somebody Who Brags Too Much

There’s an important difference between somebody who is proud of their achievements and shares them wholeheartedly with people around them and someone who cannot stop from bragging. The latter is usually a narcissist who won’t stop if you show them that you don’t care about them buying a third house. Here are some things you can do to deal with this kind of people.


1. Let them know that you are not impressed

Try to change the subject when the other won’t stop bragging. If this doesn’t help, suggest them that you are not the type of person who is impressed by one’s fortune or social status.

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2. Mirror their behavior

When you are dealing with a bragger, start talking about yourself in hyperbolic terms. And then excuse yourself for it, letting them know that this kind of behavior can be annoying for some people.

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3. Make an example out of somebody else

Tell them a story about how somebody else’s constant bragging made you distance yourself from that person. Stress out the fact that this kind of behavior makes you uncomfortable. Hopefully, they will get the message.

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4. Let them know how you feel

If everything else fails, just be sincere and let them know that their bragging makes you feel disconnected from them, that you feel that they are not interested in what you have to say, but only in talking about themselves.

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5. Keep your distance

And if this fails as well, maybe there’s nothing else you can do. Maybe it’s better for you to walk away from the conversation. Maybe you feel pity for them, but you should have compassion for yourself first.

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