The Vital Difference Between Feelings And Emotions, Explained By A Neuroscientist

Do you know there’s a crucial difference between feelings and emotions? Most people think they’re simply two words that describe the exact same experience and have no idea of this vital distinction. If you happen to question your own behavior once in a while, read on. A neuroscientist explains it all.

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When you simply can’t explain why is it that you behave in that particular way, chances are you don’t actually know yourself and your own emotional life.

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Dr. Alan Watkins, founder of Complete Coherence, gave a Ted Talk about why you feel what you feel. Which is of paramount importance for our development as human beings.

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We must take control of what we feel so that we don’t end up feeling like a victim. We ought to understand that no one makes us feel anything, we create that ourselves. Poor emotional control hinders our growth as a person.

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Emotions are energy in motion, biological signals like blushing or sweaty palms. Feelings are the awareness of that energy. The moment we become aware of that energy is when we feel. Though it is always there, every so often we do not actually feel that energy.

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So you must get to know your emotions, for they rule your life. They predict everything in your life, from health and success to motivation and decisions.

Watch Watkins talk about the importance of comprehending your emotional life:

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