3 Ways To Deal With The Passive-Aggressive Person In Your Life

The passive-aggressive behavior can bring you to the verge of despair. Especially if the person you love acts this way on a constant basis. They let go of anger through indirect verbalization, say hurtful things disguised as jokes and manage to upset you if you’re not accustomed to this type of behavior.

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They simply cannot deal with conflict otherwise. If you happen to have a person in your life who cannot express their feelings aloud and act passive, we have some advice for you on how to deal with them for it can get really frustrating. Here are 3 ways to cope with them:

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1. Get familiar with their passive-aggressive behavior

Once you have detected their passive-aggressive demeanor, you ought to try and understand it. Get to know their background and look for the reasons that brought them to indulge in this type of conduct. Maybe they feel helpless or incapable of speaking out in irritating situations. If they don’t find the strength to articulate their feelings, make sure you comprehend what they’re trying to say. Ask questions and demand some insight, they might put aside the passive aggressiveness and address the issue directly.

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2. Make them laugh

Their biggest problem is communicating their inner feelings when they’re pissed of. They will use sarcasm, irony, teasing or mean remarks. Using humor to respond will most definitely weaken the hostile climate and maybe the truth will come out. Remember that you love this person and must be patient with them.

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2. Make them understand their behavior is not OK

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Though you’re soft and accept their passive aggression while avoiding to becoming a trigger for them, you must tell them this behavior is not ok and remind them of the consequences of this demeanor. And even if you love them, they got to understand they must put in the effort to communicate, to speak up and not hide their feelings.

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