Keep This In Mind When You Try to Forgive Someone

Forgiveness heals the soul. But even if we know this, it doesn’t mean forgiveness is an easy process. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed by what others have done to us and we cannot get over it. So here are two ideas that can put things in perspective.


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First of all, we should take into account the personal history that brought the other person to behave in a selfish manner. Every bad deed that irritates us originates in a past scar that the other couldn’t heal.

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If someone talks down to you, maybe they grew up in an environment where you had to yell or nobody would listen to you. The judgmental person that gets on your nerves might not had have any gentleness or tolerance in their lives. The liar was probably not allowed to speak the truth without punishment.

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We could take the time to ask and to uncover the real person behind the veils of self-protection. Most of the times we would discover a fearful little child who was hurt and didn’t know how to handle his pain. In such situations, forgiveness means the gift of saying to someone: “I understand your pain”.

The second thing that could give us the necessary nudge to forgive someone is to be honest about our own faults.

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Every one of us has proved himself to be less than perfect. We have told little lies, we have been less generous than we should’ve been and we’ve remain passive when witnessing injustice. In those moments, we hoped for forgiveness. We hoped that the people around us would understand our shortcomings as momentary weaknesses and not as something that is essential to our being.

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When we forgive we understand that behind every bad deed there’s a story we don’t know. And more important, when we forgive we unburden our soul from resentment and anger. Which in turn, makes us lighter and purer. Please, share this!