7 Clues Someone Is Trying to Gaslight You

Gaslighting is manipulative technique whose purpose is to make you question your own sanity and sense of reality. This kind of abusers use the following tactics:

1. They don’t accept they said something compromising

If you confront them about saying something hurtful they will deny it. They never accept responsibility for their words or for their actions, and when they are confronted, they will lie with a straight face.

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2. They will use anything they can against you

Whether it is a secret you have confessed or a weakness they have discover, they will use it against you with no remorse. And they will continue to attack you until your self-esteem is shattered and you become a shadow of a person.

3. Their words and their actions never overlap

They will say anything in order to gain your trust, but they will never back up their words with actions.

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4. They will praise you from time to time just to confuse you

Even though they often put you down, make you feel worthless and weak, from time to time they will compliment you. You might start wondering if they are really that bad. Well, that’s exactly their plan.

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5. They will accuse you of things you’ve never thought of doing

In their endeavor to take you down, they will accuse you of the most incredible things. And usually these are the things they had already done. It’s the lowest form of projection.

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6. They will rally people against you

In order to make you feel even lower, they will try to convince people around you of your negative traits. They will invent accusations others have brought you. Don’t forget they are pathological liars and their only purpose is to isolate you from others.

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7. They will try to convince others that you are the problem

Gaslighters don’t shy away from anything. In order to make sure nobody will believe you when you will tell the about the abuse, they will try to convince them you are the crazy one.

If you suspect someone in your life of being a gaslighter, be extremely careful and don’t let them trap you! Please, share this!