7 Little Things Your Partner Does That Show They Are Still Very Much In Love With You

Caught as we are in the vortex of life, it’s easy to forget the blessing that our relationship is. Here are 7 signs that your partner is still deeply in love with you.


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1. They still want to hold your hand in public

Holding hands in public says not only that your partner is proud to be with you, but also that they see you two as a team ready to confront anything that might happen.

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2. They really pay attention when you talk

When you speak, they give you their undivided attention. They know how to listen and to make you feel supported and understood.

3. They kiss you or hug you for no reason

Not all physical contact should lead to sex. Sometimes, it’s comforting to just feel your partner’s skin against yours.

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4. They remember your favorite food and surprise you with it

They don’t miss any opportunities to make you happy and they know that sometimes all it takes is bringing your favorite food from the store.

5. They cannot sleep unless you cuddle

There’s nothing more pleasant than falling asleep in your partner’s arms. If they still need your touch to slip into the realm of dreams, it means their love for you is still strong.

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6. They wash the dishes even when it’s not their turn

If your partner doesn’t expect you to remind them it’s their turn to wash the dishes or they do it just to give you more time for yourself, it means they really care.

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7. They smile when they see you

If you are at a party and your partner catches your eye and smiles, it means you are their favorite person there.

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