4 Definite Signs He’s A Keeper

Do you believe in eternal love? Do you think about sharing a lifetime with just one person? When we find ourselves in a relationship we deeply care about, we tend to make big future plans with our partner and think that our love is going to last forever. But the sad truth is that there’s really no guarantee that our loved one will stay forever and ever.

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It’s best to be cautious about the future and keep in mind the possibility of losing them. Otherwise, we risk taking them for granted. But with all the uncertainties lurking, sometimes there is that gut feeling that tells us we are going to be in the relationship for a very long time.

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Because we can’t rely on our gut feelings alone, you should also look out for these signs:

1. He commits 100%

Commitment also entails a sense of responsibility, as well as mutual trust and respect. If these things are missing, then there’s no room for improvement or for a strong bond.

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2. He apologizes every time he does something wrong

If they care about your feelings, they will know when they’ve hurt them so they will do everything they can to repair that.

3. He pays attention to the little things

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Small things are what makes love grand. Paying attention to the tiny details is an undeniable sign that he will love you forever. They simply don’t want to miss a thing and we love it when guys do that.

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4. He shows you with every opportunity how much he values you

When you’ve found someone who cherishes you as both a lover and a human being, you know you’ve found your forever.

If he does these four things for you, he’s definitely a keeper! Spread the word, celebrate!