6 Things Empaths Should Do To Protect Themselves

Empaths have an internal radar that can read and interpret everyone’s emotions. The problem is that they also absorb these emotions. That’s why they are often exhausted and overwhelmed. Here are 6 things an empath can do to protect himself.

1. They need to learn to say no

Because they go out of their way to avoid conflict and because they consider it an impolite and unhelpful way to respond, empaths have a hard time saying no. But they shouldn’t forget that saying no from time to time is empowering and an opportunity to free themselves from the need to please everybody.

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2. They should allow themselves to talk about their feelings

Because they listen to everyone talking about their emotions, sometimes empaths don’t find the time or energy to express their own feelings. But they need to do it as much as everyone else. Otherwise, they might become resentful and feel that others are taking advantage of them.

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3. They need to keep negative people at a healthy distance

Because they absorb any kind of emotion, being around negative people can be very challenging for them. Identifying toxic people and keeping their distance from them can make all the difference in the world.

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4. They need to make time for themselves

Being there for other people doesn’t mean you are not allowed to take care of yourself. Empaths need a lot of time alone, when they can recharge their batteries and contemplate their most inner thoughts and feelings.

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5. They need to listen to music

Empaths have a special relation with art, and especially with music. Listening to music can do wonders for their mood, it relaxes them and gives them positive energy.

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6. They need an exercising routine

Exercising keeps the body healthy and the mind sharp. For example, studies have shown that dancing keeps the brain young.

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