3 Reasons People Choose To Hide Their Feelings

Some people simply have a hard time expressing their feelings. If everyone would voice their concerns out loud, life would definitely be much easier. But the reality is that many thrive at hiding emotions while others can’t articulate what they feel when put in difficult situations.

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When you comprehend the reasons for hiding these feelings, you begin to learn how to express them and realize how much comfort comes from letting your emotions out.

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1. Fear of conflict

Not expressing feelings out of fear of rejection is something that a lot of people master. They run like crazy from conflict and believe that good relationships should never be subdued to any kind of angry outbursts. In psychological terms, this concept is called ostrich phenomenon, burying your head in the ground instead of addressing the real problem.

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2. Low self-esteem

Having an unworthy opinion about yourself makes you to never ever demand anything from others. You feel like your problems are way simpler than of others and don’t deserve to address them or to be listened. Pleasing others and meeting their expectations is what people with low self-esteem unfortunately do.

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3. Emotional strength

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There are people who think that displaying just a slice of vulnerability will put them in the wrong. So they choose to hide their feelings, especially the negative ones for fear of being rejected or criticized. They think they ought to never exhibit feelings such as depression or anxiety but always be in control. This way they let no vulnerability emerge while maintaining their strong image.

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