7 Things You Can Do To Make Friends More Easily

Having friends is essential to our well-being. But for some people, making friends is not easy. Here are 7 tricks to help you make friends more easily.

1. Ask them a lot of questions about themselves

Being interested in what the other has to say, in the stories they choose to share makes them feel appreciated and understood. And this the kind of feeling everybody looks for in a friendship.

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2. Confess a secret

By showing them your vulnerable side or confessing an embarrassing story you tell them that you trust them. And trust is the building block of any healthy relationship.

3. Talk about some of your flaws

Talking about your flaws will make you appear modest and approachable. The fact that you are self-aware will also show you are wise enough not to take yourself too seriously or to be competitive.

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4. Smile

Smiling is contagious and if you do it often enough, they will catch your good mood.

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5. Speak about your common interests

Common values, interests and views will give them the feeling that they are in safe company, with whom they can share anything.

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6. Pay them some compliments

Look for something that you really like or admire about them and tell them. It’s important that your compliments be sincere. Otherwise, they will sense that something is off.

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7. Make them laugh

By showing them your silly side, you make them feel relaxed and more willing to bond.

Don’t forget that it’s better to “walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light”. Please, share this!