Why Being Sleepy and Drunk Are Great for Creativity

Creativity is a very much wanted and appreciated skill in today’s ever changing world of business. We now know we cannot operate without it because it helps us find solutions to new and old problems. It also forces us to see things from a different perspective which is why artists are also in high demand when it comes to tackling business. Or at least they should be. Are there ways though to improve our creativity? Science says yes. Here’s why being sleep and drunk are great for creativity. You won’t believe this!

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Now we don’t suggest you start drinking or napping at work so that better ideas can come find you. And the truth is we need creativity and its magic no matter what jobs we have. But recent studies reveal that being sleepy or drunk can make you more creative. This is how it works.

What’s the Secret Behind Being Creative

When we’re focused on a problem at hand, our brain shines a light on what it considers relevant so it dismisses anything that might not be connected or useful. This is great because otherwise our brain would be flooded with information we don’t need. So the focus is definitely helpful when performing a simple task.

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When it comes to finding a more creative solution, this approach doesn’t work. A study that presented sleepy and drunk students with analytic and creative problems had surprising results.

The sleepy and drunk students performed much better on the creative tasks. This makes sense, right? Because of our sleepiness or the alcohol, we find it almost impossible to ignore associations that our brains might not make otherwise. These unlikely connections are very important elements of the imagination.

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So maybe next time you’re looking to come up with that great big idea you can skip the morning coffee. Or grab a beer.

We hope you enjoyed this! Here’s to being creative! Don’t forget to pass this on!