Why We’re More Creative When We’re Tired

We know that creative people are born with this trait. But is there something we can do to become more creative in our everyday life? Luckily, yes. We can easily implement some tips and habits that will make our creative juices flow in no time. Did you notice however that we tend to feel more creative during certain periods of our life or of our day? For example, some of us are nights owls while others tend to be morning larks. According to this theory, we’re also more creative at dusk or dawn. Apparently, feeling exhausted has a lot to do with our sparks of creativity. Here’s why we’re more creative when we’re tired.

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You see more.

When you’re tired, you usually tend to see things in a different perspective. Also, ironically, our brains are more relaxed when we’re exhausted. When we’re rested, we tend to focus more on analyzing and on the rational and logic which can have an impact on our artistic side.

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Clutter is good for your brain.

Ever heard of the messy desks associated with intelligent people? Well, studies show that physical and mental clutter are actually stimulating for our brains. And our minds are more cluttered when we’re tired. See the connection now?

You feed your mind more.

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When our bodies are tired, all we want to do is lie down and relax or maybe go to sleep. But what happens when there’s a lot of noise in our heads and we can’t sleep? Well, ideas that we didn’t previously think of start popping up. That’s how you can come up with a fresh perspective while waiting for sleep come visit us.

So it’s true! Being tired helps us think more creatively! We hope you enjoyed this article!

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