4 Awesome Traits Highly Creative People Have in Common

Creativity is often a way of looking at the world and sometimes even a lifestyle. We’re all more or less creative but some of us are more skilled in expressing themselves in creative ways. They say that kids make the best artists, but why do we lose some of that creative energy as we grow older? Maybe that’s why Peter Pan wanted to stay young forever. So what actually makes these more artistically inclined people unique? Here are 4 awesome traits highly creative people have in common!

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1. They’re curious about everything.

Often times, creative people have knowledge in more than one area simply because they are very curious and have an insatiable thirst for learning. Discovering new things is a big part of creating other fresh ideas that combine elements from arts, history, astronomy, and why not, gastronomy.

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2. They can switch off from work more easily.

Switching your brains for a bit from time to time doesn’t sound that bad. Creative minds need to find time for relaxation which is why they have developed the skill of taking their mind off from work. Big ideas usually pop up when the brain is relaxed, but only after many moments of search.

3. Creative people don’t take themselves too seriously.

This is one other thing these individuals have in common. They are generally very playful, almost childlike (again, the connection between kids and creativity) because they know that having fun is important. They like to have fun with their work as well as with other people and prefer to find humor even in the direst of situations.

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4. They make creativity a habit or even a ritual.

Highly creative people know the importance of creating something, no matter how small, as often as they can, even daily. This is how they turn this into a habit. And it’s because they recognize that once you get used to do it all the time, it’s easy to enter that creative state of mind.

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