Expressing Your Emotions Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Lately, people have come to understand and accept that expressing affection and gratitude is not only beneficial for their mental and physical health, but also creates better and more stable relationships.


Why is it then that some of us find it very difficult to express themselves emotionally?

In any relationship, be it romantic or friendship, we have two opposing goals. We want to build a strong relationship on which we can depend. But we also want to minimize the risk of rejection. Ideally, as we mature, we are able to do both, or at least to find the right balance between these two goals.

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But not always. For some of us, the risk of rejection is so important and threatening that we avoid situations where our affection might not be returned and find ourselves in a position of vulnerability.

Withholding affection and gratitude is something that happens more to people with low self esteem.

It doesn’t matter too much what was the initial cause for the creation of the negative image we have about ourselves. It doesn’t matter too much what the traumatic event that made us feel insecure was and how unrelated it is from the present situation.

The mind will find a way to remind us of that initial hurt. So we become less inclined to healthily express our affection for the people in our lives.

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The little ways in which we can express our affection and gratitude for the people in our lives are endless.

And the more sincere and creative they are, the more our partners and friends will feel appreciated.

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And in return they will commit more to the relationship and even offer us more reasons to feel better ourselves.

Let the people in your life know that you care. Share this with them!