New Study Reveals The Most Important Thing In A Relationship

There are many factors that make up the foundation of a happy and healthy relationship. But what is the building block of long-term commitment? In other words, what makes love tick?

Of course, establishing a powerful connection with our partner is essential. If there’s no care or understanding, nothing good could come out of the bond.

But new study suggests that the one thing that people find most important in relationships is RESPECT.

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How so?

Well, it looks like those whose answer was respect are 100% women. This indicates a lot about the results of the study and the conclusions we may draw.

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For one, it’s very likely that women didn’t feel they received respect in previous relationships. And so they feel the need to demand it now.

Now, when we think about respect, we’re not referring to chivalry, like opening the door for your girlfriend. Respect can come in many forms.

Respect also means that no one is calling the shots in your relationship, or, put differently, both of you do. It means you don’t allow your partner to have power over you. It means you don’t criticize them or impose your own view on them.

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Respect is also about creating a safe place where you both feel cared for and comfortable. A space of growth.

Respect can also be about respecting each other’s privacy and set of opinions. All in all, it’s about building an environment that encourages freedom and love.

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