To Find The Right Person, Be The Right Person

You may have found yourself over and over again in relationships with people who turned out to be wrong for you. You may have put time and energy into making it work because you know that great relationships require effort.

But what if you don’t really need to struggle to make it work? And what if the answer to your problems lies within?

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After a series of failed relationships, you try to put all the pieces together and start wondering. Was it that those people were wrong for you?

Try to think about the place you were in when you entered each relationship. If you were happy and satisfied with your life, then it might have been them.

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But if someone goes into a relationship only to fulfill a need or the emptiness inside of them, then chances are it won’t work. When we expect somebody else to complete us or fill that void, we will end up disappointed. Why?

Because no one can give us what we can only give ourselves.

This is why they say that to find the right person for us, we need to be that person.

If we have a loving and healthy relationship with ourselves, then we will attract the same kind of people. And the reverse is true. When we feel very needy and are self-hating, we will attract people who are on the same page.

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So take your time to fully discover yourself and learn what you would like from a partner. But only commit after you’ve come to peace with yourself.

You are worthy of a valuable relationship with yourself! Please share this!