4 Signs You Are A Very Strong Yet Highly Sensitive Person

There are some people who seem to overcome hardship and heartache with ease and gracefully. Chaos and suffering exist in their lives as well, but they choose to remain on track. They are people of strong will and character who won’t back down from their goals no matter what.

But sometimes, these people also have a heart of gold and are extremely sensitive. They may seem all invincible on the outside, but they’re also able to cry their eyes out at their favorite movie. These individuals are like turtles: hard at the exterior, but fluffy on the inside.

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Here are 4 signs you are one of those rare people who are both strong and sensitive. Although society would have us think they’re mutually exclusive, they’re not. They can come in one package and balance each other just as fine.

1. You call things as they are

You are in touch with your emotions and the feelings of others and you dare look reality right in the eye. You don’t shy away from bringing any tiny injustice to the forefront.

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2. You’re only interested in real meaningful connections

When it comes to romance, you’re not only looking for rocking and rolling. You want the real deal; you want to establish an intense and powerful connection with someone.

3. You have high standards

This means you aren’t willing to settle for less. And you shouldn’t. You are strong enough to say no to people if you feel something isn’t exactly right.

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4. You are an excellent listener

Your sensitive side allows you to be there for a friend in need. You are willing to lend them an ear and come up with solutions to their problem. Your strong side will help you pick them up and give them the motivation they need.

Strong sensitive people are special and much needed in our society! Please share this!