5 Ways Your Fear Of Failure Keeps You Prisoner In Unhealthy Relationships

For people dominated by the fear of failure everything they do has to be perfect. Including their choice in romantic partners. And when the latter prove themselves to be a mistake, they prefer to ignore the problem rather than break up. Here are other things that happen when fear of failure calls the shots in your life.

1. You don’t trust your instincts when it comes to choosing romantic partners

Fear of failure can make people desperate to be liked. That’s why they cannot turn somebody down. And this is how they end up with partners that are totally wrong for them.

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2. You invest way too much in the relationship

Because these people crave to obtain positive attention, they will put way too much effort into their relationships. They become obsessed with making the relationship work and don’t often realize that they are alone in the relationship. But a truly healthy relationship implies two equally invested people.

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3. You care only about winning your partner over

Instead of focusing on their needs and desires, they do anything in their power to seduce their partner. In the process, they don’t really ask themselves if this person is right for them, if they can be themselves in their presence or if they even truly like and admire this person. It’s all about winning at the game of seduction.

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4. You beat yourself for any little mistake

Because they want to avoid repeating any mistake, they are in a constant state of anxiety about their shortcomings and failures. They don’t allow other people to know them closely, fearing they might discover a flaw that would make them leave them.

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5. You believe a failed relationship is always your fault

Even if the relationship they are in is obviously not working, these people will continue to invest in it. And that’s because in their mind, a failed relationship is their fault. They only attribute blame to themselves, never to their partner. Also, they keep the relationship going to eliminate the possibility that, in the heat of an argument, their partner could reveal a flaw of theirs they didn’t think of.

Free yourself from the fear of failure by accepting that being human means not being perfect. Please, share this!